Cover My Keys

Why Cover My Keys

One in ten of us has lost our keys up to 3 times

On average 5.6 million people lose their keys every year

Many people mistakenly believe that they have adequate insurance cover under their household insurance or motor insurance policy.

The cost of car keys in particular continues to rise. As locking mechanisms and vehicle entry / ignition keys become more sophisticated so does the cost of replacing them if they are lost or stolen. The nature of car crime has also changed. Because cars have become more difficult to break into criminals will now look to steal the keys to the target vehicle instead. There have been may recorded instances of thieves breaking into a house to steal the keys in order to steal the car.

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The average cost to replace a bunch of keys which is carried by a person living in the UK is £735.

When people lose their keys or have them stolen they want to be able to make one phone call and to have all aspects of their incident resolved by one organisation as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

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